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Cyber Mobile only / year

Is your personal information important to you and does all this cyber security stuff seem daunting?


zuutech can help

Cyber Security has turned into one of the most important issues we face today and identity theft is very real concern. It impacts each and every one of us and we must be on our guard every day. Cyber attacks happen 24/7, create instability and frustration, and cost businesses and individuals hundreds of millions each year. We must protect ourselves and our identity at all times.  And this takes time, effort, expertise and scale.  This is where we come in.

zuu’s Managed Cyber Security Service makes your life easier and more secure by taking the technical bit off your shoulders. zuuTech’s Managed Cyber Security includes anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-malware protection and management – Operating System and Software Security Management and Monitoring – Security Patching and Security Updating of your Operating System and Software.

Managed Cyber Security

for Computers, Tablets and Mobiles

Mobile Security

Cyber Mobile only /yr

Security for mobiles, cell phones and tablets. anti-virus, app security, browsing security, remote lock and wipe, SIM card lock.

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Computer Security

Cyber Secure only /month

Managed security for your computers and servers. Includes anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spyware and security updating of the operating system and common software.

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Backup only /year

Computer Secure plus Backup. As most of us know, Backup is an important part of a good defense strategy. You have to be backed up as your data is arguably the most important thing and is largely irreplaceable. zuu provides Cyber Security with backup. And, files can be accessed from computers, tablets, phones and over the web.

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+ Help Desk Support


As many people need day to day IT Support


Help Desk Support

You and your staff are far too valuable to not be able to use your most important tool – technology. It is almost impossible today to function without technology – for work or play. This is where our Help Desk Support comes into play. Available when you need support, during Business Hours, 24/7 or After Hours (evenings & weekends).

Help Desk Support only /month

Our Help Desk supports popular applications for:

  • Desktop Publishing
  • Word Processing
  • Graphics
  • Database
  • Office Productivity Suites
  • Browsers
  • Email
  • Anti-Virus
  • Domains
  • PC and Network
  • Desktop Operating Systems
  • Wireless Devices

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Your service is always fantastic and it gives me such peace of mind to know that you are always around to help. Fiona M.

Many thanks, really impressed with the service works… will definitely recommend you to friends. Michelle M.

Have you ever had problems with your PC or laptop? Have you been quoted horrendous call-out charges or extortionate contractual fees for fixing your problem? Well, if you’re happy with that then please continue to be taken to the cleaners, and be inconvenienced as they smilingly remove your machine for days to their workshops.

But, if you want a company that goes out of it’s way to help you, fixes your problems in your machine from their remote location quickly and without drama, and continues to offer the same fast service whenever a hitch, glitch or gremlin gets into your programmes, then you need to connect with zuu who has provided me with a first class, excellent proactive engagement, and incredibly economic service which now leaves me with much more hair on my head than I ever had before from engaging with other IT technicians! Try them out, you’ll be amazed at their service. Tessa H.

Great service – quick and efficient. Nigel G.

An excellent service as always. Meirion B.

Your team are the best I have come across in customer services. Perino W.

Very satisfied. Friendly, efficient and helpful technicians. Keep them!!! Sonya Waring.

zuu provide a top quality service and really nobody, I repeat, nobody should ever have any complaint about any Team Member or the Service they provide. Whoever is responsible for their training must be of the highest degree in qualifications and is or are to be highly commended Hugh F.

Once again your boys have sorted out a problem, minor this time, with their usual efficiency and patience.. Thank you Mike S.

Very pleased with the service i have received from zuu always very good. G Wright.

Excellent service as always.. Money well spent 🙂 I highly recommend to all. C. Plummer.

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