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Office 365 is today’s Microsoft Office. Easily access and edit your files from your computer, smartphone, tablet or online. Read More

Modems, routers, switches, wifi, DNS, SSL. We’re here to help you setup and manage these necessary pieces of a today’s business.   Read More

All businesses require email and a website. We can set up domains for you, configure email software and integrate shopping carts. Read More

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We’re the Outsourced IT Department of choice

Cyber Security has turned into one of the most important issues we face today. It impacts each and every one of us and we must be on our guard every day. Cyber attacks happen 24/7, create instability and frustration, and cost businesses and individuals hundreds of millions each year. We must protect ourselves at all times.

Our Cyber Security and Support service is our all singing, all dancing offer and does exactly that. We help protect you and your business from cyber threats – 24/7. We do the security work so you don’t have to.

Cyber Security & Support Cyber Security Backup Anti-virus
Anti-Virus Protection This is your first line of defense. You must do everything you can to stop spyware and malware from gaining access to your systems. We’ll monitor your anti-virus 24/7 and if in the event there is a red flag or something gets through, we’ll remove it for you.

Security Updates

This is your second line of defense. You must ensure that your Operating Systems and Software are secure at all times. We’ll maintain and update the security for your Operating System and Software and if anything needs attention, we’ll sort it out for you.


This is your third line of defense. As there is no such thing as 100% protection and bearing in mind that computer crashes and faulty hard drives happen all the time, it is simply irresponsible to not be backed up at all times. With our service, your files and documents will be backed up automatically and securely so that you can relax.

Help Desk

We all need IT support at one time or another – that’s what the Help Desk is for.

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These services are offered on a flat subscription basis making it easy to budget accordingly

Understanding that businesses require other IT services we also offer:

  • office365: We’ll Set Up and customize your Microsoft Office365 domain and set up users and sharing permissions for you. MIGRATE your email and data over to office365. And of course provide ongoing SUPPORT you and your users going forward.
  • Email & Websites: We take care of your email and websites, including migrating them.
  • Servers: We proactively manage, secure and backup your servers to prevent many issues from developing in the first place.
  • Network Management: Modems, routers, switches. We’ll manage them for you.
  • Windows 10: It’s time to upgrade and we can help upgrade to Windows 10.

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Our technicians have been supporting and securing SME’s technology around the world since 2006 and have a simple objective – happy customers.

Your service is always fantastic and it gives me such peace of mind to know that you are always around to help. Fiona M.

Many thanks, really impressed with the service works… will definitely recommend you to friends. Michelle M.

Have you ever had problems with your PC or laptop? Have you been quoted horrendous call-out charges or extortionate contractual fees for fixing your problem? Well, if you’re happy with that then please continue to be taken to the cleaners, and be inconvenienced as they smilingly remove your machine for days to their workshops.

But, if you want a company that goes out of it’s way to help you, fixes your problems in your machine from their remote location quickly and without drama, and continues to offer the same fast service whenever a hitch, glitch or gremlin gets into your programmes, then you need to connect with zuu who has provided me with a first class, excellent proactive engagement, and incredibly economic service which now leaves me with much more hair on my head than I ever had before from engaging with other IT technicians! Try them out, you’ll be amazed at their service. Tessa H.

Great service – quick and efficient. Nigel G.

An excellent service as always. Meirion B.

Your team are the best I have come across in customer services. Perino W.

Very satisfied. Friendly, efficient and helpful technicians. Keep them!!! Sonya Waring.

zuu provide a top quality service and really nobody, I repeat, nobody should ever have any complaint about any Team Member or the Service they provide. Whoever is responsible for their training must be of the highest degree in qualifications and is or are to be highly commended Hugh F.

Once again your boys have sorted out a problem, minor this time, with their usual efficiency and patience.. Thank you Mike S.

Had a long session with Kevin today. He was superb – professional, courteous, patient, very helpful, evidently very knowledgeable, and altogether a very nice bloke. John N.

The clean up you did on my PC was excellent and substantally improved its working speed. On the occasion when I could not open a video that was sent to me the support I received was outstanding with an immediate successful fix. Graham D.

Fantastic service this afternoon. I was really frustrated, and now I’m really happy. What more could I ask? Julia G.

We’ve been with you for over 2 years now I think and can’t fault the service no matter what day or time we call our issue gets resolved. Setting up the backup takes a while to sort out and do but it’s a small price to pay for the knowledge that your data is safe and secure off site. Keep up the good work and thank you very much to all of your team for the help we receive Dave N.

I would like to thank James , one of the technician, for his hard work on my lap top at the beginning of the week. He was kind, polite and extremely patient, taking that we had troubles communicating. When the pc froze , within seconds the phone would ring and it was James again with a laugh and a smile telling me what to do next. The evening he solved the problem he work well late into the night and at 7 am there was a message that all was sorted. I cannot thank him enough for his manners and for his knowledge. Hope you will pass the comment to him and to whom this may concerned. Miriam Z.

Again some problems found and eradicated. You saved me a lot of time. My peace of mind is restored. It is good to know you are there. Keep up the good work. Thanks again. Teodor B.

Very pleased with the service i have received from zuu always very good. G Wright.

Excellent service as always.. Money well spent :) I highly recommend to all. C. Plummer.

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