Business Cyber Security

Business Cyber Security

Managed Business Cyber Security

Managed Business Cyber Security to protect you and your business

There’s no two ways about it, businesses require technology and that requires Managed Business Cyber Security.  No business today can operate without technology.  Simple as that.  All our technology devices need endpoint security on them and these need to be managed.  As well as this, operating systems and the software on these devices need updating and patching.  It’s a full time job.

While our businesses may be different and use a variety of software and different solutions to meet our needs, we all have some requirements in common.  We all need Managed Business Cyber Security.

That’s zuutech’s core offer, Managed Cyber Security for business.  Security for your laptops, computers, mobiles and tablets.  We make your life easier by taking this weight off your shoulders and help you stay secure by actively managing the security on your devices.

And of course no Managed Cyber Security for business would be complete without backup, our last line of defense.  There is no such thing as 100% security and of course accidents and theft occur – plus GDPR data requirements.  Naturally we provide Automated Encrypted Backup.  And with versioning, you can even restore accidentally deleted files or roll back to before you made changes to a document.

zuutech also offers a Computer Support Help Desk as well as email and website hosting.

Managed Computer Security

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Mobile Phone Security

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