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Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is a checklist of technical controls from the National Cyber Security Centre (a division of GCHQ) that it recommends to protect ourselves from Cyber attack.  As Cyber Security can be confusing GCHQ have provided guidance with Cyber Essentials guidelines which cover 5 key areas:

  • firewalls for secure internet connections
  • strong passwords to secure devices and software
  • control over access privileges to data and services
  • managed anti-virus and malware (rogueware) protection
  • managed computer operating system and software updating

Whether for your business or your personal life, Managed Cyber Security is a must and Cyber Essentials is the clear guide.  Managed Cyber Security and GDPR are important as they impact all parts of our lives.  They can’t be ignored.  While there is no 100% protection, it’s impossible, you need to do the best you can.  To assist you, zuutech’s Cyber services are designed to help you meet these requirements while taking the weight off your shoulders.  Whether you want certification from National Cyber Security Centre or just peace of mind, zuutech are here to help every step of the way.


Cyber Essentials

Cyber Security

Cyber Mobile

Managed computer anti-virus and anti-spyware  
Managed computer operating system updating and patching  
Managed computer software updating and patching  
Computer firewall  
Mobile phone /tablet anti-virus  
Mobile phone /tablet firewall  
  /month /month /year
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All software, including anti-virus, are included in the above services and prices

Simply choose which Cyber Service your require.  You can choose different quantities of each service when ordering and can add or remove services in future.

After placing your order you’ll chat to our technicians and an on-boarding time agreed.  During on-boarding, our technicians will install the security software for you and place a short cut on our computer desktop to your technicians in case you should need support from them.  Technicians are available M-F, 8am to  6pm GMT.

When ordering please request a call back if you would like to discuss a large number of users, migration assistance, office 365, GDPR or other assistance,

Other Services

If you need advice on your overall set up – setting up, GDPR, migrating to and/or using office 365 – email – websites or similar, we can help.  Use this form to send us a brief message and we’ll have someone come back to you.

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