gdpr compliance

How does my business become GDPR compliant?

GDPR Compliance Help

zuutech can help businesses prepare for GDPR Compliance no matter where they’re located. We’ve created a straight forward process to help businesses become GDPR compliant and remain so.

Our recommendations below make it easy for small businesses to meet their GDPR compliance obligations.  And when you subscribe to GDPR READY, our technical support team is on hand to help.

Importance:       required  Required              strongly recommended  Strongly recommended       recommended  Recommended

GDPR Security

Security is your first line of defense and is not optional.  Managed Computer Security clearly shows you take GDPR compliance seriously.

Managed Computer Security is not just a piece of software, nor is it just anti-virus. It’s anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-malware as well as security updating and patching of the computer Operating System and Software – all managed by a team of cyber security professionals to help you remain GDPR compliant.

Let’s face it, we live on our mobile phones.  We shop on them, play games, bank, share photos and converse.   Our lives are on our mobile phones.  As are our businesses.  If you take security seriously then all your mobile phones need to be secured with Mobile Security.

Solution Importance Supplier Price
Managed Computer Security required zuutech £6.59 / month / computer
Mobile Security required zuutech £13.99 / year / device

GDPR Data Backup

Backup is your second line of defense and is not optional either. You must have automated and encrypted backup in place and it shows that you take GDPR compliance seriously.


Solution Importance Supplier Price
Backup required zuutech £5.99 / month / 200GB

GDPR Client & Staff Access and Erasure

Easy access to client and staff data is a must for GDPR complaince. The easiest way to accomplish this is to organise all your customer and staff information in a central place that is accessible from multiple devices. This will also make your business more efficient.

Description Solution Importance Supplier Price
Central file store – Each client or staff member should have their data stored in a folder unique to them so that it is easy to retrieve related information. office365 required Microsoft £9.40 a month per user
CRM – Customer Relationship Management certainly makes finding and organising client information far easier. CRM required Capsulecrm £8 a month per user
Accounts – If you do a fair amount of invoicing and would like to make your accounts filing, PAYE and VAT easier to do then cloud accounts is the way to go. cloud
required xero
from £22 a month per user
from £19 a month per user