GDPR Data Security for small businesses

GDPR Data Security for small businesses

GDPR data security is an important concern to small/micro businesses (roughly 1 to 100 staff).   After all, GDPR is essentially about data.  It needs to be stored and accessed securely.  You, as a responsible business owner, need to ensure that customer and staff data that you have is kept safe (encrypted backup) and accessed by secure devices (endpoint protection).

You need to be able to demonstrate to the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) that you have done your utmost to protect and secure your data.  This requires software and constant management and most people don’t have the inclination nor the knowledge to stay on top of it.

That’s what zuutech’s GDPR bundle is about.  It’s a team of people who supply and manage your technology security for you.

zuutech’s GDPR bundle includes

Managed Computer Security  +  Mobile Phone Security  +  Backup

Managed Computer Security

zuutech’s Managed Computer Security takes the technical bit of GDPR off your shoulders by securing your computers (endpoints).  Not just does it include managed anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-malware protection but very importantly it also covers Managed Security Patching and Security Updating of your Operating System and Software.  Using AI (Artificial Intelligence) and technicians to help spot and alleviate threats and with our staff on hand to investigate and troubleshoot for you for no extra cost, you couldn’t ask for better security cover.

Mobile Phone Security

Many of us use our mobile phones more than our computers.  All day, every day.  These mini computers contain access to sensitive business and personal information so these endpoints need securing as well.  It’s only common sense that we should secure our mobile phones and this needs to be part of your GDPR strategy.  Mobile Phone Security is necessary for mobiles and tablets and our Mobile Security service includes anti-virus, app security, browsing security, remote lock and wipe and SIM card lock.


As most of us know, Backup is an integral part of a good data defense strategy. You need securely backup your client, staff and personal data as it is irreplaceable.  Backup protects you against accidents, theft, fire and computer malfunction.  It’s a GDPR requirement.

zuutech’s backup gives you plenty of room to store your files and the ability to access them from computers, tablets, phones and over the web.  Of course you can add more space as you need.

zuutech’s GDPR bundle is only £11.99 a month (£9.99 a month if you pay annually) and is the best way for small/micro businesses to address their GDPR data security requirements.  You’re not just getting security though, you’re also a getting a team of technicians to manage it for you and even connect to you remotely if you need assistance – for no extra cost.  Our technicians will also install and set up the security management and backup software for you.

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