GDPR made easy for small businesses

It couldn’t be much easier to get GDPR READY.  zuutech makes it easy for most small businesses to meet the tech part of their GDPR requirements. We can manage your computer security (anti-virus, operating system and software), your mobile phone security and backup your data.  What’s more, we’ll actually install and set it up for you.

GDPR READY doesn’t just meet the basic requirements of GDPR compliance but also demonstrates that, in the spirit of the new law, your business takes its responsibilities seriously as it has gone the extra mile.  For instance, zuutech’s Managed Computer Security while costing roughly the same as straight forward anti-virus software, goes way beyond this.  Not just does it include anti-virus but it also includes operating system and software security updating and patching.

And of course we can’t forget the mobile phone security.  We live on our smartphones after all.  We use them for email, banking, shopping and socialising.  They must be protected.   It’s only common sense.

The third part of GDPR is backup, Never mind that GDPR requires it, any business that does not encrypt and back up it’s files offsite is putting itself at risk.  That data is your business and without it your business will suffer.  Backup is your last line of defense.  Like computer and mobile phone security, It’s simply not optional.

Get GDPR READY Special offer, go annual, only £9.99 a month


Special offer, go annual, only £9.99 a month


Managed Computer Security

Cyber Secure
Managed anti-virus, operating system and software security patching and updating

Mobile Phone Security

Cyber Mobile
Business level protection including website and app scanning as well as remote erase


Automated and encrypted cloud backup