Home Cyber Security

Home Cyber Security

Home Cyber Security

Business grade home cyber security

Regardless of your age, your gender, your location or your use of technology – you use it every day and need Home Cyber Security.  Technology is the new crime battle front, no two ways about it, you need Cyber Security.  And as cyber criminals get ever more creative you need managed security.  zuutech’s Home Cyber Security costs the same as ‘software’ security but includes real people managing it for you.

zuutech will supply, install and manage your home cyber security which includes anti-virus and anti-spwyare protection as well as operating system and software security updating and patching so you don’t need to.  Business grade cyber security.

That’s zuutech’s core Home Cyber Security service.  Security for your laptops, computers, mobiles and tablets.  We help you keep the bad guys out by actively managing the security on your devices.

You really should have backup as well as you certainly wouldn’t want to lose all the family photos or important documents.  And once they’re lost, they’re gone.  If you need Computer Support, we offer that as well.

We can do all this for you so you can focus on using and enjoying  your technology – which was the objective when you bought the tech in the first place.  To make life easier, not more difficult.  That’s what we’re here for.  To make your life easier.

Managed Computer Security

Cyber Secure only / year

Mobile Phone Security

Cyber Mobile only / year


Backup 100GB only / year