Managed Computer Security Technicians
Managed Computer Security

Managed Computer Security

Managed Computer Security is a team of skilled technicians who supply and manage your anti-rogueware protection as well as operating system and software security updating and patching.  Cyber Secure, computer security the smart way.  Let our professional technicians manage your computer security so that you don’t have to.  All for a fixed cost of only £59.90 a year.

Managed Anti-Virus


Managed Computer Security must include managed anti-rogueware as this is your first line of defense, the gate keeper if you will. You must do everything you can to stop viruses, spyware and malware from gaining access to your systems. We’ll monitor your defenses 24/7 and if in the event there is a red flag or something gets through, we’ll remove it for you.  If need be, we’ll even contact you to connect your computer to a technician and fix the security issue manually for you.

Managed Computer

Computer Security Management
Computer Security Patching
Computer Security Updating

Secure Operating Systems and Software are your second line of defense and is part of Managed Computer Security. You must ensure that your Operating Systems, Drivers and Software are patched, updated and secure at all times. We’ll manage and maintain the security for your Operating System and Software and if anything needs attention, we’ll sort it out for you.

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