Mobile Phone Security

Mobile Phone Security

zuutech’s Mobile Phone Security is a must.  People spend an enormous amount of time on what are essentially hand held computers and they have to be secured.  People bank, shop, pay for things, email, take photos and socialise.  We have our lives on our mobile phones and everyone needs mobile phone security.  It’s simply not optional.  Nor is it expensive, only £11.99 a year for Cyber Mobile.

Cyber Mobile

Mobile Phone Security for Android & iPhone


Scans apps
Checks website links
Wipes data if lost or stolen

Automatically scans apps and files for viruses and other threats. Security shields block malware before it can install itself. Displays alerts when the device is vulnerable to attack, reducing the risk of a security breach.

Automatically scans URLs to block fraudulent websites and other harmful content (within Chrome or stock Android browser). Real-Time Anti-Phishing detects phishing sites up to 3-5 days sooner than any other service.

Lost Device Protection. Quickly access and lock a compromised device, limiting company data loss and protecting end user privacy. Remote access allows you to:

– Remote Lock. Locks the device if it’s lost or stolen

– Remote Wipe. Wipes contacts, text messages, other personal information

– Device Locate. Provides a device’s location on a map

– SIM Card Lock. Automatically locks the device when the SIM card is removed

– Call/SMS Blocking. Blocks unwanted calls and SMS messages, and automatically blocks SMS messages containing malicious URLs

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